The New Softies


“This is the olfactory equivalent of no-makeup, in which people spend hundreds of hours, and dollars, to look effortless.”

“The New Softies allow consumers to cover their tracks. You may have spent a mint to smell vaguely fresh and clean, but no one has to    know.”

“These new scents, heavy on synthetic formulations, are created to melt into the skin and evaporate in intimate puffs.”

“a new crop of perfumes have popped up with low nasal impact but high atmospheric allure”

-Rachel Syme, New York Times, Style, March 14,2018 Nomenclature, Holy_Wood

Another gossamer creation from Mr. Voelkl, Holy_Wood is a showcase for an aromachemical called Clearwood, which the fragrance lab Firmenich calls “the 21st century’s answer to patchouli.” What it really smells like is the inside of a day spa sauna: immaculate, meditative, vaporous.