An olfactory reflection of the famed perfumery.
Aedes de Venustas honors the past, present and future of perfumery with its signature scent, aptly named Signature Eau de Parfum. The first fragrance to come from the Aedes de Venustas brand in 2012 breaks out of traditional perfume structures, offering an olfactory reflection that embodies the spirit of the famed boutique in which it was born.

“The Aedes de Venustas world is a world of luxury, of quality; simultaneously opulent and baroque yet decadent in a way that is refined,” says perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, who worked with Aedes de Venustas and Aedes Perfumery founders Robert Gerstner and Karl Bradl on Signature. He cites the original store’s beloved interiors—the use burgundy and aubergine jewel tones, shimmering and iridescent finishes like those of peacock feathers, and textures expressed in velvet, angel-skin- like silk, taffetas and brocades, as references to construct a scent that is both modern and decadent.

The composition of Aedes de Venustas Signature Eau de Parfum is a world unto itself: There is no trace of the traditional fragrance pyramid. Instead, the construction is baroque yet futuristic; a round, luxurious, and voluptuous work.

In addition to rhubarb and incense, notes include tomato leaf, red currant, honeysuckle, vetiver, and hazelnut. Duchaufour sources many of the raw materials himself, traveling around the world to work with farmers on sustainable and fair trade compliant practices. In Signature the vetiver was sourced by him from Madagascar.

The Aedes de Venustas Signature has now been carefully transferred to a precious new vessel: A fluted glass bottle marked by peacock blue accents, a matte black insignia-stamped cap, and a sleek yet weighty design that marks the next chapter in the Aedes de Venustas story.

With Signature the mind questions, but the heart knows. To wear it is to cast a sensuous spell that captivates like no other before it. It is the first touch of Aedes de Venustas, completely immersing its wearer in a simultaneous revolution of all that has come before and all that has yet to materialize.


Tomato Leaf
Red Currant


Bertrand Duchaufour

The Scent