We are also at your disposal for products of the following brands:

The Central European Zador Europe Ltd. is the manufacturer of the triple-milled premium quality ZADOR fine bars. The company is well established for producing high-quality premium soap bars with a content of natural ingredients over 98% to nourish, protect and hydrate the skin. Some of the key ingredients of the products are Shea butter, vitamin E and most importantly the award-winning thermal water from the heart of Hungary. All the soap bars are individually hand wrapped.
All of the ZADOR products are free from parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, silicones, sulphates, artifi- cial preservatives and artificial colorants. These products were never tested on animals. The ZADOR products are not only cruelty free but vegan, as well.

The name L’ADONÉ is derived from Ladon, the serpent-like dragon in Greek Mythology placed in the Garden of Hesperides to protect the sought after golden apples. According to legend, Ladon was overcome by Hercules and placed among the stars. To this day the body of Ladon is entwined around the North Pole, as if recently transported to the stars, in the form of the Draco Constellation. Each year, this constellation’s meteor shower offers an astonishing display of shooting stars to many who seek a brief escape from ordinary life. This stellar display exemplifies the essence of L’ADONÉ, a discovery of the different senses, of the treasures offered by the Planet Earth.

Founded by Italian designer Ennio Capasa in 1986, the fashion house CoSTUME NATIONAL owes its name to a French book of military uniforms. Strongly influenced by his studies at the Brera Academy of Art in Milan and his important experience in Japan at Johji Yamamoto’s atelier, Ennio Capasa combined minimal geometric shapes with Italian tailoring style.
As a result, CoSTUME NATIONAL is the expression of a timeless style, representing an independent approach to luxury.
Fabrics and raw materials of the highest quality are crafted to give life to minimal geometric shapes, with a sartorial approach where technology and tradition merge to create something unique and innovative.
The fusion of an urban avant-garde style and a refined easy chic elegance leads to pure and graphic lines.

Jusbox is an exclusive range of perfumes whose concept is based on the similarity between perfume and music. Music is indeed the key inspiration for all our fragrances.A perfumer and a musician are like twin brothers, inseparable mirrors. The hand of the musician scribbles on paper, the lines curve beneath his quill, drawing up words to be transformed into notes. The ears judge the chord, striving for perfec<on.

L’OBJET is the life work of Elad Yifrach.

Elad’s designs are in many ways a spirited homage to these great artisans. Yet he also aspires to extend and exceed these traditions, through painstaking effort and imagination, to create a entirely new echelon of artistry. A passion for innovation – in both technique and use of the highest quality materials – infuses everything he does. In his earliest collections, this was most evident in his use of porcelain.