We are also at your disposal for products of the following brands:

The Central European Zador Europe Ltd. is the manufacturer of the triple-milled premium quality ZADOR fine bars. The company is well established for producing high-quality premium soap bars with a content of natural ingredients over 98% to nourish, protect and hydrate the skin. Some of the key ingredients of the products are Shea butter, vitamin E and most importantly the award-winning thermal water from the heart of Hungary. All the soap bars are individually hand wrapped.
All of the ZADOR products are free from parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, silicones, sulphates, artifi- cial preservatives and artificial colorants. These products were never tested on animals. The ZADOR products are not only cruelty free but vegan, as well.

The name L’ADONÉ is derived from Ladon, the serpent-like dragon in Greek Mythology placed in the Garden of Hesperides to protect the sought after golden apples. According to legend, Ladon was overcome by Hercules and placed among the stars. To this day the body of Ladon is entwined around the North Pole, as if recently transported to the stars, in the form of the Draco Constellation. Each year, this constellation’s meteor shower offers an astonishing display of shooting stars to many who seek a brief escape from ordinary life. This stellar display exemplifies the essence of L’ADONÉ, a discovery of the different senses, of the treasures offered by the Planet Earth.